Dear esteem clients, now you can withdraw money, deposit money and check your balance using your Telephone on MTN network.

It has never been easy to wake up in the morning, attend to the bank and wait on the line in order to withdraw or deposit your money or just to request your account balance. So, we have integrated our systems with the said telecommunications company in order to make it easier for you to access your account whenever you want and wherever you are.

Steps and procedures are as follows :

  1. To Withdraw / PULL / Money From Bank to your mobile money wallet/account ;
    1. -Dial : *182*4*3*11*00*3# ok.
    2. -Follow Instructions.
  2. To Deposit / PUSH / Money From your mobile money wallet/account to your bank account ;
    1. -Dial : *182*4*2*11*00*3# ok.
    2. -Follow Instructions.
  3. To Check your Account and Account balance ;
    1. -Dial : *655# ok.
    2. -Follow Instructions.
    1. 4. To Ask for help ;
    2. -Call Us or visit our offices at Nyabugogo modern market / Inkundamahoro.

Thank you for banking with us !